Your GoPro has
never been cooler

into the action

The upView drone is a compact and efficient quadcopter. Its unique design enables anyone to capture amazing videos and photos from the sky. It can carry a sport camera like a GoPro and record with FPV (First Personnal View). The video is transmitted in real time to the pilot in special glasses up to 1 km with a 5.8 GHz radio link. The steering is accurate and highly immersive.


After more than a year of development for the control algorithms of the drone, we are very pleased of results. Thanks to several embedded sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, barometer and GPS), the position of the UAV in the air is calculated and corrected more than 300 times per second. A very stable and almost autonomous flight is achieved (GPS tracking, automatic stabilization of the altitude).

Make it

The provided user interface is minimalist, friendly and multi-platform. It allows the user to custom the drone parameters (correction settings, sensor calibration, etc.) and check its correct functioning (display of sensor readings). Thanks to an integrated Bluetooth module, the drone can be linked to the computer wirelessly. We are currently developing a smartphone app for more portability.

Julien Buteau
Clara Degorce-Dumas
& Robin Gojon

ESME Sudria, Paris